DOROTHY the cow cushion - 'Skinny' BEFORE Lockdown

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Dorothy is an adorable farm animal design, which comes in a mix of luxuriously soft fabrics to complete the overall design.

She is sure to be loved by both mom and baby. This design is still the 'skinny', fit Dorothy cow. She loves to gaze around her day, chasing butterflies.

She is like every mom you know, protective of her children, loving, a heart full of love and kindness. She doesn't like to be told how to raise her children as she already knows what is best for her and her family. She is waiting eagerly to be welcomed into her forever family's life.


Dorothy was a 'skinny', fit cow before lockdown 2020, but something happened during lockdown.. Dorothy had no exercise and too much Netflix..

See our VOLUPTUOUS, CURVY Dorothy cow on the website


White / Cream and grey. Sitting Height 60 cm

VAT incl in Price

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