JENNY The Happy Hippo cushion

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Jenny the Happy hippo's character is true to the symbolism of a hippopotamus. She demonstrates strength and courage. Calmness during times of crisis, maternal instincts, and the ability to navigate through emotions with clarity.

Jenny has short stumpy legs, a large head, broad mouth, and nostrils on her snout where you can actually put your finger into.. you know, for in case you want to.

She just loves to doze off in the comfort of soft children's arms. Her amazingly soft fabric was blended especially for Hi Gorgeous and she is our luxury design.

Open your heart and arms for a Jenny Happy Hippo and you will know the meaning of unconditional love.

ith a baby-soft filling, so much attention to detail. Adorable fat rolls, those nose holes often seem to be a comforting feature for tiny baby fingers. Embroidered eyes and detail.

Jenny is much loved by all and one of Dalene's favorite designs.

Jenny is a Support cushion, helping babies with sitting, tummy time, and assisting mom while breastfeeding.

Do not leave unattended in baby's bed, until age 18 months

A must-add to your Gift List.

Colour: GREY and PINK. Sitting height 70 cm

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