Plush Toys

I have found my passion in designing the Hi Gorgeous Plush toys. With each design, I am obsessed with every small detail, the long floppy, velvety smooth ears of Sparkles and Fudge bunnies, the perfect fabric combination for Lilly the Sheep and Dudu mouse to ensure the sensory touch is just perfect. Dizzy Lizzy's velvety smooth tail and Ben the long-legged bear's velvety smooth legs - has to be just perfect as little fingers will grab on to those for soothing comfort.

Safety is very important to me and you won't find attachments that will cause a danger to your precious baby. All attachments are adhering to international safety guidelines. Approved for use on Plush Toys.

On that note, remember as with all blankets, cushions etc - not to leave your sleeping baby unattended with big soft toys. They are meant to be played with, loved. They are not cushions to sleep on.


Clean with a soapy damp cloth. Can be machine washed on delicate in cold water. Tumble dry on a low setting.

* As with all plush toys, a thread might come loose. Just sew with a needle and thread. This is not a sign of bad quality, it is very normal 🙂 Treat your Plushie with love.